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(16 MARCH 2020)

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Scotland's Biggest FREE Hogmanay Party 
Happy New Year Folks.

A record breaking capacity crowd of 15,000 joined us for our show last night which meant that we had to take the decision to close the gates to Northern Meeting Park Arena at 23.52.

Naturally we are delighted with your wonderful reaction to our show starring Craig Hill, Dorec-a-Belle, Skipinnish and Torridon but a little frustrated that we came so close to accommodating everybody.

Apologies to the hundred or so late comers who had to watch the fireworks from outside and anyone who decided not to queue earlier in the night as we carefully managed the flow into Northern Meeting Park Arena.

As usual the priority for the Multi Agency Team that was assembled within our Control Room was looking after the comfort of those who had joined us and that was achieved by controlling the flow of folk in and out of the arena; and changing our entry point for a wee while in order to put folk into the part of the site we wanted to fill last.

The job as always is to manage the event (and not to allow the event to manage you) and that was not too difficult when you have an experienced team like ours working with a good natured and very understanding crowd.

For the record, our definition of success is putting on a great show while maintaining our 100% record of ensuring public safety so huge thanks to everybody who helped us achieve that. Teamwork makes the dream work and our crowd is as much of the team as we are as everybody knows.

With 99% of the improvements at big events made at the Debrief Stage, over the next few months we will be considering everybody's feedback and all our notes and all our CCTV footage and taking the time that we need to identify the tweaks that we will be making for our 2020-21 show.

Obviously we cannot guarantee that we will be able to book summer evening temperatures again but we will do our best.

Hard to believe that our 2009-2019 memory on Facebook (if you have been following that look at me then - look at me now game) would be of an empty Northern Park Arena following a snow blizzard cancellation in 2009 AND a full Northern Meeting Park Arena last night.

Official attendance 15,000

Winning Thrifty50 Ticket Number 229 - the prize was claimed by the lady jumping up and down in front of the main stage!

First Aid Report - one lost but utterly delightful 75 year old quickly reunited with her family.

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HOGMAANY THRIFTY 50 RESULT (00:30 January 1st 2020) 

News from the Highland Games Committee


Ticket Number 229

Prize of £646 Won by Iona MacDonald of Drakies in Inverness

Huge thanks to all the volunteers who sold the tickets on behalf of the Inverness Highland Games Thrifty 50 Fundraisers.

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Big thanks to the thousands of you who turned out to make this the most successful Winter Wonderland ever!  

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2019 Christmas Lights Switch On 

Thanks to everybody who turned out to help us turn on our Christmas Lights and join Santa for his annual Carol Service Ding Dong Merrily Old High. It was a wonderful evening and a good time was had by all!

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Thanks for all your support 
Back after an 8 year absence - our 2019 Halloween show was extremely popular with thousands of folk turning up. Huge thanks to all of our performers and the hundreds of wee ones who dressed up to help us send the Aliens homewards to think again.

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